How important are the teaching surveys for the career advancement of professors?

Brijesh Kumar Unfortunately, they don't influence the careers of professors. It would  improve the teaching standards if the teachers who got unanimous negative feedback were reprimanded. Right now, teaching is sort of volunteer work. It has no reward other than teaching. So, if you really like teaching, you put the effort. Others who don't like … Read more

Why do IT company hire fresh graduate of any engineering branch? Is there no significance of of subjects we are tought and if yes then why DONT they hire any one?

Brijesh Kumar Yes, there is no significance of the subjects that you were taught for the IT companies. They are hiring you for your brain. The reason that they don't hire anybody from any college is because most of the better students go to engineering colleges. See question on Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog … Read more

Do you think that a 23-year-old art student (who has experience in mobile app development and has no idea about algebra and discrete mathematics) can learn data structure and algorithms with in the next 2 years?

Brijesh Kumar A2A. Algorithms is the art of breaking down a problem into very simple instructions understandable by a computer. Again, everyone cannot be good at everything: Brijesh Kumar's answer to Can anyone achieve anything he wants (e.g. GATE examination)? Does aptitude matter or perseverance and attentiveness is key? I don't think any specialized math … Read more

Why do most Indians become successful only after leaving to the US or European country? What lags in India?

Brijesh Kumar We lack genuine appreciation for quality. We are very insecure and feel that we become smaller if we appreciate others. In US, usually, people are not afraid to give credit where credit is due. In India, even if someone is doing good work, they get pulled by other frogs in the well. See … Read more

What are some of the biggest mistakes in the way children are taught in U.S. schools these days?

Brijesh Kumar I have never been to a US K-12 school, but I was a lab instructor and teaching assistant for about 200 undergraduate students when I was a graduate student at University of Minnesota. I was very surprised that 20 year old engineering students were unable to do simple calculations in their mind. I … Read more