Why is it that B.Tech in electrical engineering and electronics engineering isn’t considered different in most of the old IIT’s?

Brijesh Kumar [A2A] Electronics is a sub-branch of electrical engineering. Until around the 50s, electrical engineering consisted only of power systems, machines and other heavy electrical equipments. But with the advent of semiconductors, electronics started becoming more prominent and by the end of 60s, it became so big that new departments started cropping up. IITs … Read more

I am a final year electrical engineering student. I got selected in a company called Hexaware. They’re asking to sign a bond for 3 years and I’ve to pay Rs 1 lac before the date of joining. Should I join or not?

Brijesh Kumar I don't know about bond. You will have to make your own decision. But, it seems fishy that they are asking you money. You are supposed to get paid after you get a job, not pay to get a job. I would run as far away as possible from such a company. Do … Read more

What is the difference between the talent and motivation of two guys of the same department, one getting a salary above one crore and another getting a salary between 20-50 lacs?

Brijesh Kumar One possible motivation may be: One is not running after money. He wants to do what he likes, whether it pays him, 10 or 10,000 lacs. See question on Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog about various topics ranging from education in IITs to social issues in India and US. All opinions and … Read more

I am a sophomore at IIT Kharagpur. I failed in a subject this semester (all my fault). I come from a family of over-achievers and my elder siblings are doing really well in their respective fields. How do I cope with the guilt of disappointing them?

Brijesh Kumar [A2A] It can be very difficult for anybody if they belong to a family where people are more "successful" than most other people. I feel sorry for people like Abhishek Bachchan, Rahul Gandhi, MK Gandhi's sons, Rohan Gavaskar, etc. because everyone expects them to be as "good" as their parents. Everyone is different. … Read more