How is it possible to have power line portability just as we have mobile number portability?

Brijesh Kumar [A2A] I don't think this is going to make electricity cheaper. There are two possible ways that one could do this. First, like what Atharva Kshirsagar said, the electricity is being supplied by the government, the billing is done by a company and you could have multiple companies that are doing this. I … Read more

Are well-educated U.S. Senators embarrassed to work alongside those who claim climate change and evolution don’t occur?

Brijesh Kumar I don't think they are embarrassed because most of them belong to the same pot. They appeal to their base. I don't think most of the senators who claim that climate change is not real, really believe it. They just say it to appeal to their "fossil fuel buddies." If you see them … Read more

Why do some Indians try to make people believe that many of the sciences are originated in India though they’re not originated in India?

Brijesh Kumar The same reason you think that they did NOT originate in India. I don't know whether they originated in India or not. But, we blindly accept whatever the west tells us. Did you examine the documents that they presented? How do we know that aeroplanes did not exist before the last 100 years? … Read more

What do non-U.S. citizens think about the freedom of speech in America?

Brijesh Kumar I found that although there may be "unlimited" freedom of speech in America, it is really hard to "practice" it because American society has become too "politically correct." If you speak something against what the majority thinks is "acceptable" you might face severe consequences like losing your job, etc. So, even though you … Read more

Why does America continue to support Pakistan in spite of Pakistan hiding Osama bin Laden?

Brijesh Kumar The question should be, "Is America really supporting Pakistan?" Maybe they are supporting Pakistani government by "bribing" them with foreign aid, but if I were a Pakistani civilian, I would not want this "support." There have been more than 380 drone strikes in Pakistan and so many innocents have been killed. I was … Read more