Would Professor Brijesh Kumar review 3 Idiots? How did he find the movie? Which parts of it appealed to him and which parts were annoying?

Brijesh Kumar I am not going to do a full dissection of the movie, but rather emphasize the main lesson of the movie. I know most of you would have enjoyed that your teachers were being made fun of, or their archaic methods of teaching were destroyed by the protagonist  or the annoying maggu got … Read more

Why, in the Indian education system, is more emphasis given on writing theories, scoring marks and solving numericals (especially in engineering) than to approach (of student to tackle problems) concepts and most importantly applications?

Brijesh Kumar Because the students who are interested in solving "real-world" problems go to work for great companies like Google and Facebook. They don't become teachers because it is not glamorous. Why don't you stop complaining and take up a teaching job and show us how it is done? We will follow you. I promise. … Read more

I am 18 and I want to be a physicist but I feel sad and depressed when I look at genius child prodigies that are way younger and miles ahead of me. What do I do?

Brijesh Kumar Some people are more "gifted" than us. It is good to appreciate them with our full heart. In this way, they will feel happy and we will feel happy because we are not jealous anymore. Jealousy is the ONLY cause for unhappiness. If we are not jealous, we will always be happy. But, … Read more