I feel a bit stressed, as I don’t have a single person in college whom I can rely upon. What should I do?

Brijesh Kumar It is very hard to find good friends, now a days. It is becoming worse as the days are passing as being selfish and greedy are considered more and more praiseworthy. Just look at comments by many Indian people: "In India, you don't live for yourself, but your family." I don't understand what … Read more

What is wrong with the richest 1% of the United States’ population having ~40% of the country’s wealth?

Brijesh Kumar You can "buy" elections with money. "Money is speech." according to the supreme court. The more money you have, the more speech you have. You can open any business you want and destroy the competition. Just like Walmart destroyed practically all small stores. You can price the books according to your whims and … Read more

Why do Indian parents (financially) support their children and make all the major life decisions for them while parents from the West set their children free?

Brijesh Kumar Objectively, Indian parents love their children more than their western counterparts. They are very emotionally invested in their children. Many dysfunctional families continue on for the sake of children. They sacrifice their life savings for the education of their children. Children are very very ungrateful, still they would do anything for the benefit … Read more

Why is the Indian media claiming that we are the most depressed country when we are not?

Brijesh Kumar Indians are stupid. Period. They believe every stupid survey that any stupid company does in the world, especially, by a white country. They are convinced that everything that western media writes about India is true. Which material comfort made people happy? Which bridge or building made one happy? If at all, the high-rise … Read more

Why is it that engineering students in India consider themselves "cool", just because they have a messed up sleeping pattern? Why do they boast about it?

Brijesh Kumar Most people try to justify their bad habits. Engineering students have taken that justification to another level where they call something bad as good. Hence sleeping late is cool. YOLOJust do it.No regrets. These are just horrible principles which take away from what makes us human. Somehow being irrational and justifying it is … Read more