How will Prof. Brijesh Kumar guide an engineering student who thinks that the education system has not been able to generate his interest in research?

Brijesh Kumar Go seek your other non-engineering option. Not everyone has to do research, nor does everyone have to become an engineer. We already have more than enough engineers. See Questions On Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog about various topics ranging from education in IITs to social issues in India and US. All opinions … Read more

From the point of view of a professor, is it justifiable if an internship report does not comply exactly with all the guidelines as long as there is a good reason for it?

Brijesh Kumar Whether this should play against you, I am not sure. But, whether it WILL play against you, almost 100% sure. Please extend your report to 30 pages if you want to get the best possible grade. I had a question in 9th grade for 6 points out of 100 in a 2 hour … Read more

Is there a college in India that does not look at your grades and percentage but just at your intelligence?

Brijesh Kumar Any such college would be open to large scale corruption and it would be impossible to "interview" so many applicants to gauge their "intelligence." Grades are a lazy way of gauging one's intelligence. See question on Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog about various topics ranging from education in IITs to social issues … Read more

For an ECE student of the IIT Roorkee, which is more important: gain a high CGPA or focus on programming skills?

Brijesh Kumar Learning electronics and communication is the most important. You will automatically get a high CGPA if you learn your subjects and programming skills are not that important for a career in electronics and communication. You can easily learn whatever little programming as and when the need arises. See Questions On Quora Brijesh KumarI … Read more

Why do students in top Indian technical universities cheat in their exams? Why are they so proud of it?

Brijesh Kumar I had seen the question referenced in this question earlier and was really appalled at the stupidity shown by the students in answering the question with such candor. What was even more disheartening was the pride that the students took in fooling their teachers when in essence the only person that they were … Read more