Why do popular Indians on Quora have fewer non-Indian fans while it’s true the other way round? Do they lack depth and quality that would appeal to non-Indians?

Brijesh Kumar It is simple: People from India are interested in US, but people from US (or other western countries) are not really interested in Indians. Most of them don't hear about India except when there is a disaster (man made or natural) or get annoyed when they get to talk to an Indian as … Read more

How can an Indian teenager belonging to a stable family convince his/her parents to allow him/her to do small jobs to be independent? (Read the details)

Brijesh Kumar I don't think you are thinking this through. I keep on reading on Quora, mostly by people who have never been to western countries, that in US all jobs are respected equally. That is not true at all. No one wants to be a janitor in US. It is neither well respected, nor … Read more

Whenever I answer a question in 2-3 lines on Quora, it gets collapsed. Why is it that even though my answers are straight to the point, it gets collapsed?

Brijesh Kumar Machines can never be as intelligent as human beings or rather they can never be intelligent. Quora doesn't want to spend money on intelligent human beings to make those decisions, so they have delegated their work to dumb machines. But if this is consistently happening to you, this machine is really dumb to … Read more

Are IITs not what they used to be 10 years ago? Are they in their decline phase?

Brijesh Kumar The education standard at IITs is declining. So is education in general in India. Because the mindset of Indian society is becoming more money-minded and materialisitic. When only making money is the end goal of education, there is no quality education. There is a clear change in the mindset of students when I … Read more

How much is the salary of professors at IITs and IIITs when compared to professors at MIT?

Brijesh Kumar IIT professors make about 1/6th – 1/8th of a typical university professor in US. See Questions On Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog about various topics ranging from education in IITs to social issues in India and US. All opinions and views presented here are my own and not of my employer. http://brijeshkumar.com