Does a B.Tech CGPA matter for M.Tech admissions in the electrical engineering (EEE) branch for IITs or NITs?

Brijesh Kumar Every department has their own way of conducting admissions. Some do it based solely on the GATE rank. Some consider your GATE score and your B.Tech. CGPA. Some departments also conduct interviews based on your GATE score and/or CGPA and final decision is based on the overall performance. So, please verify with the … Read more

Why don’t Indian company ads show dark skinned Indians, at least on Independence Day?

Brijesh Kumar It is like asking, "Why don't Indian company ads show ugly people, at least on Independence Day?" People in India consider fair skin to be beautiful. I really don't understand the fuss about it on Quora. Most of the arguments say that discrimination based on whether someone is beautiful is OK, but discrimination … Read more

Is technology preventing Indians abroad from adapting to local culture?

Brijesh Kumar I think we have a problem of Indians adapting to local culture too much, rather than the other way around. I think my point can be explained by the following questions about foreigners who come to India (for whatever reason) and return back home. Do they: Start wearing saris/dhotis? Start speaking Hindi/Tamil/etc.? Start … Read more

How would it be if all the MPs in the parliament are only IITians and IIM graduates? What are the changes we might see in India?

Brijesh Kumar None. Zip. Nada. I would have been much more optimistic in my answer before I joined IIT Roorkee. But, one and a half year in this place has taught me that our education system is failing. We are going in the wrong direction. To be a good leader, one has to have good … Read more

In the Indian democracy do politicians need to give unrealistic promises to win elections?

Brijesh Kumar Yes. It happens everywhere. Politicians lie everywhere. They know that they can't fulfil the promises, but most people are not intelligent enough to see through their unfulfilable promises. In America, most of the poorest states vote republican (One of the two major parties there. The other one being democratic party). The republicans say … Read more