To teachers: What would need to be different if we wanted to structure the whole education around childrens’ actual questions like "What do I need shadow for?", "How can a bridge hold a whole train?" etc.

Brijesh Kumar I don't think it is a good idea. The goal of education is to expand the vision of the pupil. If you base your education around only the questions the students ask, there would be no expansion of the thought process. There should be a curriculum which helps expand the horizon of the … Read more

Why does Brijesh Kumar think that if one doesn’t have a good aptitude in a particular field, he/she shouldn’t move on to that field? What about determination, hard work and desire, even when the required aptitude is not there to that extent?

Brijesh Kumar I know you don't want to  hear my explanation. It is a comment more than a question. But, still here you go. Because, if you don't have the required aptitude, you will struggle. Most people are able to understand that not everyone can become a good singer or a good cricketer by just … Read more

Quoting John Philip Sousa, "I have always believed that 98% of a student’s progress is due to his own efforts, and 2% to his teacher." Do you agree with this opinion?

Brijesh Kumar I am currently a teacher and was a student not too long ago. My learning in a subject was directly proportional to the quality of the teacher. If the teacher was good, I learned a lot and when the teacher was poor in teaching, I learned nothing even if got an A. So, … Read more

Why don’t I enjoy watching cricket now (in the era of Kohli, Dhawan, Rohit, and Ashwin) like I used to earlier (in the era of Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag, and Kumble)?

Brijesh Kumar Other than too much of cricket, something has to be said about the character of the players. Whether we realize it or not, we get attracted to good character and resultant behavior. No one really likes an arrogant person. Even in the times of older players, it was much more enjoyable for me … Read more