IIT Delhi is ranked much higher than IIT Bombay in ‘papers per faculty’ by QS . Does this mean that there is a greater impetus for research at Delhi?

Brijesh Kumar According to this, IIT Roorkee is ranked much higher than IIT Delhi, so, you should come to my department. Serious answer: Don’t worry about rankings. Look at individual faculty profiles, if you want to make any meaningful comparisons. See Questions On Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog about various topics ranging from education … Read more

Why did Quora change to a much less useful popup format instead of just opening up the questions like it used to?

Brijesh Kumar I sometimes wish the people making such changes had some brains. Or, may be they have brains, and they want to test how far they can push their users to adopt their stupid ideas. Quora is not the first company to do this. Gmail Compose: The stupidest idea ever. Now gmail compose by … Read more

Why are Quora’s top writers more likely to deny the negatives of Political Correctness than the general population?

Brijesh Kumar Let me rephrase this question to make it easier to understand (for myself, at least): “Why are Quora top writers more likely to support “politically correct” viewpoints than the general populace?” The top writers are chosen by Quora (which consists of human beings) according to their own sense of what is right or … Read more