I personally don’t care about what others think of me, but my country should care about what the world thinks of her

O confused Indian youngsters. Why can’t you make up your mind? Do you want to care about what others think about you? I regularly see Indian youngsters saying, “Don’t care about what others think of you. Follow your heart.” If that is the case, why should Indians be so worried that India did not win … Read more

Why do some people achieve huge success without much effort while I work hard but still can’t achieve as much success as I deserve?

Brijesh Kumar Different people are good in different things and “success” is defined differently by different people. Fortunately, everyone can be successful, but all societies define what is success differently. Usually, the people in power define what is success so that other people continue to appreciate their success. These success criteria are propagated through different … Read more

One of my professors asked us to buy a 99.1 calculater but I understand nothing about it. Can anyone say what is a 99.1 calculater please?

Brijesh Kumar I am not sure, but maybe he meant Casio Model 991. You should confirm with your teacher before you buy it though: CASIO WEW Worldwide Education Website See Questions On Quora Brijesh KumarI like to blog about various topics ranging from education in IITs to social issues in India and US. All opinions … Read more