Is there an element of truth in anecdotal evidences of cure for alternative forms of medicine like Ayurveda and homeopathy?

Brijesh Kumar Modern education is creating a bunch of Intellectual Idiots, who have no capacity to think for themselves. They think that if something is not proven in the setting of clinical trial, it is useless. They have no intelligence to understand it on their own that if something works for my parents and people … Read more

The only IITian who is likely to get a Nobel prize soon is Mani Bhaumik and he is an American. What does this say about Indian IITians?

Brijesh Kumar I don’t know. But, the question says a lot about the question asker. He doesn’t know that IITs are technological institutions. He doesn’t know that pure sciences are not what IITs are known for. He doesn’t know that there are no Nobel prizes awarded for engineering or technology. Moreover, even accepting the hidden … Read more

Why not many people tend to learn Hindi as they do with other languages like French or German or Japanese?

Brijesh Kumar Money. Follow the money. Most of the passion is driven by money. If your passion can give you money and fame, it is considered good. If someone’s passion is to play cricket in India, people would encourage him, because it can possibly give him money and fame. “Follow your passion, son.” Now, if … Read more

Are IIMs and IITs given undue credit for the success of its students ?

Brijesh Kumar I question the premise of this question. Where is the success? All we are doing is churning out “workers” for multi-national companies. I would consider success to be creating thoughtful citizens of the country who work for the welfare of others. All we are doing is create extremely selfish people (myself included). Education … Read more