As an IIT student, what have you done for your country?


The number that most people come up with is the total money given by the government to IITs divided by the number of students. It is extremely wrong way to do this calculation. Most of the money that comes to IITs does not directly go into the education of the students. Some research equipment (sometimes which cost in crores) are bought from that money. Only a few students are benefited by such equipment, almost always the Ph.D. students.

The faculty are evaluated based on what kind of research they do. Teaching does not even come into the picture for all intents and purposes. So, most faculty do not spend too much time on teaching. The fees for undergraduate students is the highest, but they get the least amount of time from the professors. So, it is really unfair to blame the undergraduate students. They get the least and pay the most. Do you think it is fair?

Now, coming to your question: “What have they done for the country?” What has anyone done for the “country?” What is “country” anyway? Even if we accept this geographical region as the “country”, how can you do anything for the “country”? Maybe you can say that by doing welfare for other people of the “country,” you are doing something for the “country.” But, the fact is that when most women don’t even want to cook for their mother-in-law (the mother of her husband) or most men do not want to take care of their parents in old age, what will they do for the “country”? The parents have given everything for them, but they would not make even small sacrifice for them, what will you do for strangers who have not done anything for you?

Charity begins at home. What have you done for the “country”? (or at least your (or your husband’s) parents). If the answer is nothing, don’t blame IIT students for being selfish. The fact is that everyone is selfish (including myself). It is amazing how selfish a human being can be? If you would ask me what is the most abundant thing in this world, I would say “selfishness.” All this “country” talk is just facebook/twitter nonsense.

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  1. Its not about what you have done for your country, apart from country there are many things.. The hard work, dedication of our parents, families and friends. Being an IIT passed out with IIT Kanpur, when i was in catalyser coaching class for IIT jee preparations, i still remember what my mom did for me, waking up at 3 am with me to late night.. taking care for me during that time only to see my future.

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