As an Indian, when can you say "Yes, Good days have arrived." (yes! Sach mein acche din aa gaye)?

When people are happy and satisfied. I don't think any government is thinking in that direction because it is really hard to do it. Happiness of people is not even the motivation of any government. So, I don't think that we will see "acche din" in the near future.

  • Multistory buildings will not make people happy.
  • Metro will not
  • Working in MNC will not
  • Commuting 2 hours one way will not
  • Going to work at 6 in the morning will not and coming back at 8 in the evening will not
  • Having capitalists make more money will not

The character of people is going down and neither at the individual or collective level is anybody trying to improve the character of people. People are becoming extremely selfish and all they care about is their own happiness and enjoyment. All anybody is concerned about is making more money, either as a society or as individuals. Even if selfish people are given everything, they will never say that they have enough. So, in principle, no government can ever provide "acche din" to people. For people to SEE "achhe din" they need good character, which is hard to do and no one really wants to improve their character.

I know this is not what you had intended when you asked me this question, but almost all the solutions that I see either here on Quora or in general, talking to people are non-solutions. They will only increase the problems of our society. The west has tried it and they have failed. There is so much income inequality in the west. There is so much turmoil. But, we are blindly following the same direction with even less regulations and controls. The results are going to be disastrous. People have to improve their character on individual level and then we will see "acche din." We have to give up our hedonistic mindset, then we will see "acche din." We have to take responsibility to be better citizens, then we will see "acche din." We have to give up the mindset that being free to do anything is the ultimate principle of life. Animals live such life. They are free to do anything. They don't see wrong in anything. We are fast moving in the same direction and proving Darwin right.

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