Aside from all the suffering, is it better to be an American with slave ancestry or an African with free ancestry?

I would choose freedom over comfort any day!

Edit based on the following comment from Anonymous: "Its  not a question about your freedom, but more 'would you have made the  sacrifice for your decendents to give them a better future'? (If it is  indeed a better one – the original question)"

No, why would anyone want to! I don't think the condition of African-Americans is that good in US even today, even after 300 years. I think there were much safer bets than "better condition of descendants" about 300 years ago.

Assuming that the situation is good, a better question to ask us would be, "How do we feel about our predecessors going through that suffering? Should they have done if given a choice (if that is even possible in case of slavery)?" I hope the answer of everybody is a universal "NO".

If I had a choice to choose slavery for the betterment of my descendents, I would never choose it. Because we are essentially saying to our children is that money is more important than everything, your freedom, your dignity. What kind of role model would I be for my descendants if I willfully choose slavery?

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