I personally don’t care about what others think of me, but my country should care about what the world thinks of her

O confused Indian youngsters. Why can’t you make up your mind? Do you want to care about what others think about you? I regularly see Indian youngsters saying, “Don’t care about what others think of you. Follow your heart.” If that is the case, why should Indians be so worried that India did not win … Read more

IIT assistant professor “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60

I have been hearing about the wonderful “packages” of some of the IIT students that are being placed in California in US. So, I thought I should give a perspective on how much an assistant professor’s “package” is worth. IIT assistant professor’s “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60. If you have difficulty in reading the whole figure, … Read more

Why did students turned down Rs 1 crore per annum offers? Why did they even appear for the Interview if they were not interested in the job?

This is a repost of my answer to this question on Quora. Here are a few reasons why someone might turn down a job offer irrespective of how much they pay: Working hours: They expect you to work long hours. This is the primary reason I would turn down any (maybe upto 500k USD 🙂 … Read more

Can anyone achieve anything he wants (e.g. GATE examination)? Does aptitude matter or perseverance and attentiveness is key?

This is a question asked on Quora reproduced here I wanted to be a Shane Warne (he was the best leg spinner in cricket), but even if I tried I could not become one. Believe me, I wanted to be famous like him. You might have seen some horrible singers on “Indian Idol” or “American … Read more

Remove “Embed Quote” button from selected text on Quora on Mozilla Firefox

“Embed quote” is a really annoying “feature” on Quora where a button pops up with “Embed quote” written on it whenever you select some text. I tried to find a method to disable this for Mozilla Firefox browser, but was unable to find one. Fortunately, I found an extension for chrome that does exactly what … Read more