Can an average guy become a technically sound person and a very smart thinker?

[A2A] I am also a simple average guy and I have an even bigger handicap: "I am not that driven to achieve greatness as your question posits." So, I don't think I am qualified to answer this question. I am a simple, happy-go-lucky guy. I just take whatever comes along my way, if it interests me. There is only one thing that I worked really hard for in my life and when I achieved it, I decided it was not worth pursuing because it was way beyond my capacity (as I had to work really hard to get it). After that, I have been realistic about my capacity and choose my path accordingly.

For more insights on my understanding on this topic, please read the answer to a question I had previously answered: Can anyone achieve anything he wants (e.g. GATE examination)? Does aptitude matter or perseverance and attentiveness is key?

I  wanted to be a Shane Warne (he was the best leg spinner in cricket),  but even if I tried I could not become one. Believe me, I wanted to be  famous like him. You might have seen some horrible singers on "Indian  Idol" or "American Idol" or in your close circles. So, even if they  practice for a lifetime, they cannot become good singers. I am one such  person. I have taken tabla classes, harmonium classes, singing classes,  but could not pick up anything in any of those classes, although I  wanted to be good at music and singing. But, one of my friends who had  no training could play very good drums just by listening to the songs.

So,  every person is "gifted" with certain attributes. He can try to improve  himself but there are limitations on how much he can improve. Just like  there are limitations on human beings as a class, even if they tried,  they could not fly. Even the best of the humans cannot fly. Similarly,  there are individual limitations of each person beyond which they cannot  improve themselves in a certain area, even if they tried very hard.

So,  life is like a constraint optimization problem. There are certain  constraints in everyone's life and one has to work around them. It is  best to choose a profession or passion in which the upper limit for you  is high, so that you can grow a lot. If you choose a path, where you are  severely constrained, it will be frustrating.

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