IIT assistant professor “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60

I have been hearing about the wonderful “packages” of some of the IIT students that are being placed in California in US. So, I thought I should give a perspective on how much an assistant professor’s “package” is worth. IIT assistant professor’s “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60. If you have difficulty in reading the whole figure, … Read more

Why did students turned down Rs 1 crore per annum offers? Why did they even appear for the Interview if they were not interested in the job?

This is a repost of my answer to this question on Quora. Here are a few reasons why someone might turn down a job offer irrespective of how much they pay: Working hours: They expect you to work long hours. This is the primary reason I would turn down any (maybe upto 500k USD 🙂 … Read more

Can anyone achieve anything he wants (e.g. GATE examination)? Does aptitude matter or perseverance and attentiveness is key?

This is a question asked on Quora reproduced here I wanted to be a Shane Warne (he was the best leg spinner in cricket), but even if I tried I could not become one. Believe me, I wanted to be famous like him. You might have seen some horrible singers on “Indian Idol” or “American … Read more