Currently I know nothing about different subjects and also don’t have any interest in a particular subject. Which department should I join in NITs as an undergraduate in India?

[A2A] Please look at Prof Dheeraj Sanghi's blog here: A Guide to JEE Counseling 2011  and make a choice based on that. I know it is really hard. I chose electrical engineering because my friend was choosing electrical engineering and his father was an alumni of IIT Roorkee and Stanford. He told me that electrical engineering has a broader scope than CS, so I put EE as my first choice on my counseling form. I wish there was a direct one-to-one counseling of students to help them make a good choice. But, counseling is really a bad term that they use for allotment of seats because there is really no counseling. Not that it is easy to counsel somebody when you have met them only for a few minutes. I am in the same dilemma, I have not even met you ever. I don't even know your name or your face as you are anonymous. Maybe this is you.

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