Does someone who votes for a political party other than the one which later forms the government, lose the right to criticize or ask something from the government?

You are not asking something from that "party," you are asking something from the "government." The "party" has no power to grant you anything, legally.

So, you have all the rights of any other citizen and there is nothing hypocritical in asking what you think the government should provide you. They are levying taxes on you. Aren't they? They did not say that you did not vote for us, so there are no taxes for you. Wouldn't it be great? I would then never vote for the winning party. Yay, tax free life! Since, you are paying taxes and you are following the law, you can ask the government for anything that you should get. Whether you will get it or not, is another matter. Then, your political connections might play a role.

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