Does the JEE rank define my ability completely?

[A2A] I think JEE rank does define some ability, i.e., your ability to score well in objective exams (In our time, we also had subjective exams, so this definition was a little broader). Although, there may be a strong correlation between the general intelligence and JEE rank, but still statistics are statistics and you cannot make a judgment about anyone's practical intelligence based on JEE rank alone. An example: many of IIT-JEE toppers are blindly running after money. One has to be really unintelligent to do that. Don't say that the society is forcing us. You are the supposed leaders of India, why don't you change it?

Moreover JEE rank does NOT define your ability in:

  • painting, drawing, dancing, and other fine arts
  • cricket, football, tennis and other sports
  • being compassionate to others
  • being kind to others
  • being humble
  • being respectful to others

So, in essence, what I am saying is that it does NOT define any practical ability. (May be it does. To brag about it on your resume.)

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