Finding your passion

Recently, Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world was asked, “Does money give you happiness?” His emphatic answer, without any hesitation was, “No, it doesn’t.” Many amongst us who have money will also say, “No, it doesn’t.” But unfortunately, we, including Carlos Slim, are still all running after money. It is very hard to overcome this drive. But, still we should not make our decisions based on this consideration alone.

We all have different desires and interests. So, before taking a life changing decision, we should deeply evaluate in our own hearts, whether we are interested in living that kind of life. One job may be paying even double the other job, but if each moment working for the higher paying company is miserable, what good is it? But, even if you are paid less monetarily, but you enjoy doing your work, to me, it seems like getting a higher pay.

Moreover, if you enjoy the job you are doing, the people around you also are influenced by the positive energy and vice-versa. I am enjoying my current job much more than I did my previous job. I am sure that I have a more positive influence here in IIT because I feel so much happier with my job.

Every person is different. So, what I enjoy may not be enjoyable at all for another person. But, the current society in India is trying to mold everyone in the same mold. Everyone has to go to IIT, get a degree, go to America. Why does everyone have to do the same thing? We are people with feelings, not machines. Suicides related to studies are on the rise in India. Children are under so much pressure from their parents. I see that my cousins are always studying, not because they want to, but because their parents are forcing them. I try to explain to my aunts and uncles that everyone has different desires and capabilities, but they don’t get it. Even if you try and try, a man can never fly. Similarly, people are born with different capabilities and propensities. So trying to fit them into a mold is extremely cruel to the children.

Campus placements are coming up soon, so you will soon be applying for jobs. Please consider what can give you long term happiness when you make your decisions rather than be swayed by short term money that one company may be providing you. Your best friend may have different plans for his life. Please find your individual passion and follow that.

I like to blog about various topics ranging from education in IITs to social issues in India and US. All opinions and views presented here are my own and not of my employer.

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  1. At any stage of your life, even if with full conviction and thought , you take the path of minimalism and passion and donot succumb to the temptations of the higher pays nd better posts , you are labeled as suffering from “Suffering from sour grapes syndrome”.

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