Has police brutality in the USA crossed all limits?

Yes, it has. Police is supposed to help people, but, they have started abusing their power more and more and laws seem to help them.

Ferguson was a very recent case. In New York, recently they beat a teenager for nothing. There was a reprimand against the officers, first of its kind in last six years. Stop and frisk is so popular and it is so unconstitutional. Just look at the military trucks and armored suits of the police.

Randy Baith's answer to Has police brutality in the USA crossed all limits? No, an action against a police dog is not the same as action against a police officer. So, killing a dog (an animal) should have the same punishment as killing a human being? And, he did not even harm the police dog. Is this not police brutality?

Killing a human being for no reason is police brutality (I feel this word is understating their crime). I could not see anything in the video which warranted this action or even the police officers having automatic rifles. I am so angry after looking at the video.

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