How are Indians viewed and treated in different parts of the USA?

A2A. I have only lived in Minneapolis on a University campus for 7 years. So, it has many international students, so I never really encountered any obvious "racism." Once I was traveling on a plane New York to Minneapolis, an American lady said, "Indians are everywhere." So, even if you never face any direct actions of racism, you can really never be a completely accepted "American" because of the color of your skin and accent.

And, I don't blame them. I don't think we consider Americans living in India as one of us. So, if they don't consider Indians as one of them, there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion as our culture and values are very different. I think we expect too much of the Americans to accept everybody as their own. Why should they? You are taking up their jobs. Don't you feel that they would resent it?

So, if you want to live your life, you can comfortably live, but even if you become a citizen of US, you will always be a "foreigner" until there is a majority of Indians in US, which is very unlikely. It is the same as north-east people feel like they are "foreigners" in the rest of India.

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