How can I get rid of the obsession of JEE Advanced cutoff ranks from my mind?

[A2A] I had answered a similar question a few days back.
Brijesh Kumar's answer to I didn't get into IIT even after a drop year. The feeling of being a loser is killing me. How do I get out of this?

One doesn't always get what one wants.
What one wants may not always be good for him.

It  is good to learn these two lessons in life to have a happy life. You  will face many more situations like this in your life. Move on with your  life.

I could easily say some sweet rosy words and I know it will get a lot of upvotes, but I don't want to mislead you. There are many things that I wanted, that I did not get. There are many things that I will not get in the future even though I may want them. Be happy with what you got. There are many students who did not get a seat in IIT, they would just be happy to get a seat in IIT, even a lower ranked seat than you. As you "progress" in life, your expectations from yourself keep on increasing. It is good to keep those expectations in check and be happy with what you get in reasonable amount of effort.

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