How difficult is it to move back to the US after living in India for an extended period?

I am guessing by your question that you are an Indian who has previously worked in US for some time.

It will be easier than the first time as far as finding housing, car, etc is concerned. But, as far as the job is concerned it totally depends on your present employer. Whether he is willing to place you in US. The relocation will be decided by the employer as well. It varies from situation to situation. So, no one can give you a answer to this question other than your employer. If he is unwilling to place you in US, then you have to find a job on your own.

I don't have children, but, I imagine that it will be the hardest part of the move. If you ever want to come back to India, they will be the biggest hurdle, because they will not want to come back. I am telling this from the experience of my friends, both Korean and Indian. So, if you want to come back to India, you should either not go and if you go, you should not expect your children to come back with you (if you live there long enough).

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