How do I overcome the feeling of inferiority I experience when reading up on Indian history, particularly after the advent of Europeans, as an Indian?

Let us say, a thief enters your house, steals everything and leaves. Should you feel embarrassed that your house was burglarized? No. The thief should feel embarrassed. The only one who has to be embarrassed are the British, not the Indians because it was not our fault.

The things that we have to be embarrassed about are the residual culture of the British atrocities that we continue until today. The poor treatment of common people by government officials. The mistrust of junior employees by seniors. Extreme bureaucracy to get anything done. Rules such as "station leave." (All government employees have to inform their boss if they leave town, even on a holiday. I don't know the exact origin of this rule, but I feel that it originated during the British times. Again, what is the point of this rule, today, but we are continuing it without thinking about it. Why does my boss care, whether I go to Jhumritaliya or Timbuktu on a holiday? But, it is a method to control the employees.) So, if there is anything to be ashamed of, this is it.

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