How does the placement process in the US universities take place for MS graduates? Does it happen the same way as in Indian universities and colleges through placement offices or are we supposed to look out for jobs by ourselves?


My experience is from University of Minnesota. I am not sure about other universities, but it should be pretty similar.

There are no on-campus placements in UMN. There is a career fair once a semester where you go and meet prospective employers and give them your resume and if they are impressed, they call you and do a phone interview, which leads to an on-site interview. So, the only role that the university plays in the whole process is that your resume is at least looked at by a person, after that it is all you.

In my opinion, it is much much easier to get a job in India after B.Tech. than it is after a BS/MS/PhD in US through campus placements. People have to struggle a lot more in US to get a job, whereas in IITs (or other good colleges) you get your job offer while sitting in your own college.

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