How is it possible to have power line portability just as we have mobile number portability?

[A2A] I don't think this is going to make electricity cheaper. There are two possible ways that one could do this. First, like what Atharva Kshirsagar said, the electricity is being supplied by the government, the billing is done by a company and you could have multiple companies that are doing this. I don't know why would one company have cheaper electricity than another company because the government would sell them electricity at the same price. I would, in fact, expect the electricity prices to go up as the private company would also want to make a profit in this dealing, whereas the governments usually run these things at a loss. So, I don't think how having multiple billers solve the problem. Then, there is a problem of repairs. If the electric line goes down, who will repair it. I guess government, because all the private companies will not want to do it as they are competing with each other on the same line and why should they take the burden, when their competitors are going to profit from repairing the electric line.

Second option is to have many electric companies running their wires through all the neighborhoods. This is practically impossible because already the wires with one electric company look bad enough, what will happen if we have 4-5 electric companies. This will increase the cost even further because, the total number of consumers is fixed and now there is 4-5 times the capital cost to supply the electricity to the same number of consumers.

You cannot draw parallels between mobile number portability and electricity portability because

  • there is a big spectrum available for multiple cell phone providers to share the airwaves but the land space for setting up multiple electric lines is limited and will lead to chaos.
  • the infrastructure required for setting up a new mobile network is minute compared to setting up a new electricity network.
  • interference between two radio waves will not cause too much problem except a dropped phone call, but if two electric lines from two different companies "interfere" it can lead to havoc.

So, you cannot expect the price to go down by having multiple billing companies, nor can you expect to have more than one electric lines running in one area because of safety and practical considerations.

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