How severe is racism in India?

<This answer addresses the image in the question details that shows that India is the most racist country in the world and America is the least racist. Map shows world's 'most racist' countries>

Sometimes, it baffles me how besharam (shameless) can one be? British media is still not satisfied. British stole everything from us. They subjugated us for centuries. They destroyed our culture. They taught us that everything Indian is bad and everything western is good. That slavery of thought still continues till today as is evident by many of the answers which are trying to prove how India is the most racist country in the world.

How many times was a person killed in India by the police because he was black or any other color? How many times did the police stop a person walking on the road for no reason and frisk him just because he was black? – This happens everyday in America if you do not know.

This “study” is shameless in the worst possible shameless kind of person way. Please have some shame, British media. Have some shame. Please.

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