How should a doctor behave?

There are many qualities that a doctor should have, but the most important of all them, in my opinion, is empathy. I see that as our society is becoming more money minded, even the doctors are not beyond the influence of that. The hospitals make so much money from poor patients. I recently visited a doctor's clinic where he was acknowledged by the rotary club and they were comparing a doctor to God. But, seeing the doctors of today, I don't get the feeling of protection, but a feeling of fear arises. I feel that the doctors of my father's generation had a lot more empathy. They were making money but that was not their primary goal. At least, it didn't appear so. Most of my relatives feel gouged by the doctors. They recommend many more tests than are required. They recommend long hospital stays even when unnecessary.

A doctor should not even consider money before treatment. But, now a days, even in life threatening situation, advance payment is required. It is really sad. If they had empathy, all the above mentioned problems would go away.

PS: I am not singling out doctors. Another profession which was considered noble, teaching, is no longer that "noble" anymore because we are also doing it for money.

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