How should I improve my performance during an exam?

[A2A] Then, don't put yourself under pressure. Just do the exam as well as you know. It is due to overestimation of ourselves. If you are happy with whatever result you get, you will not put yourself under pressure.

I don't think I have put myself under extreme pressure for any exam. I could not sleep well the day before my JEE exam, but that was more because of excitement, rather than fear. I wrote all the engineering exams, AIEEE, state entrance exam and JEE with this in my mind. I will go to the best college I can get based on my performance. I really didn't care that much if I didn't get into IIT. After going through IIT, I can say that with even more confidence that in the long run, it really doesn't matter. IIT does not give you happiness. I can guarantee you that. Don't overvalue this exam called GATE. Just do your best. It is just a very small insignificant phase of your life. Good luck.

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