How would it be if all the MPs in the parliament are only IITians and IIM graduates? What are the changes we might see in India?

None. Zip. Nada.

I would have been much more optimistic in my answer before I joined IIT Roorkee. But, one and a half year in this place has taught me that our education system is failing. We are going in the wrong direction. To be a good leader, one has to have good character. Even meaningless worthless marks are sufficient temptation for the students to cheat, I can't really say that they will not be tempted by a few lakh or crore rupees. I am really shocked by the amount of blatant cheating and subsequent boasting of their acts. This is a real problem that students are neither learning about good character, nor is the society encouraging people of good character.

Lack of money is not the biggest poverty. Lack of integrity, honesty and character is. Once I was visiting a college for a week long course. Outside a school there was a poor family residing which had two children. I was eating a sweet and one of the children was looking at me. So, I gave my only sweet to him. His brother appeared a few seconds later and asked his brother to share the sweet with him. But, the boy with the sweet refused. That day I realized, it is very easy to give money or employment but to give character to people is very hard.

Even if the IITians or any other politicians give a lot of economic development, still they can't really give what people are lacking, character. There will be fights. There will be quarrels. We are on that path. We are on the path of single parents. We are on the path of unwed parents. We are on the path of neglected children. We are on the path of a more hedonistic society. Selfishness is encouraged. Capitalism (the height of selfishness) is considered as the best possible thing. How can there be a happy society, where there is so much disparity and competition? I don't think most IITians or IIMites consider anything beyond economic development as development.

But, even giving economic development as the sole measure of development, the way we measure economic development is very poor. We usually measure it in terms of how well the stock markets and rich people are doing. Countries should measure economic development by how their poorest are doing. Hardly any country does that. Because, then the truth will come out that even the so called economically developed countries are not doing so well. I don't see the students of IITs having any deep thought capacity beyond making money either through working or fancy things like startups.

I am also one of them. Hopefully, I will improve myself to do something for the betterment of the society. But, I think questioning the status quo is a good start for everybody. Let us start questioning.

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