I am preparing for Gate 2015. What are the placement scenarios for Chemical Engineering’s M.Tech’s from IIT?

A2A. I think you should have read my other answers before wasting your 1500 credits on this A2A request. Here is a repeat of my previous answer to a similar question. Brijesh Kumar's answer to What is the placement and package scenario for an M.Tech ECE from IIT?

Don't  count your chickens before they hatch. "Ped lagaya nahin, aam kitne  milenge pooch rahe ho!". You have not even planted a tree, you are  asking how many mangoes will the tree give.
Please come to IIT only  if you are interested in engineering. There are other more efficient  ways of making money. You will do yourself and IITs a big favor.
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and another answer:
 Brijesh Kumar's answer to What do teachers feel when they see that one of their students is earning more than they are?

I cannot possibly answer such questions. I am sorry. I would have refunded your credits to you, but you are anonymous.

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