I have a very low CG of 4.8 in 1st year B.Tech of production and industrial engineering at IIT Roorkee. What should I do to get admission in the US for MS? How can I get a good scholarship?

Thanks for A2A.

You are still in the second year. Think about improving your GPA first. If you don't like P&I, there is no point in pursuing MS (whether in India or US). Things are not always rosy in US. If you are struggling with this subject here (assuming you don't like P&I), you might struggle even more in US.

So, for now, I think, your goal should be to focus on your studies and forget about US. If you study, then you will know whether you like the subject. If you don't attend classes and study only the day before the exam, you will never understand whether you like it or not.

Please attend your classes regularly and do your assignments. Then you will improve your GPA and will also have a clear picture of your future goals.

I came back from America, after leaving my job. So, everything is not good over there. So, don't worry about US too much.

My GPA was also not very good in my first year. So, it can take some time to get used to the system in IITs where it is much more fast paced then we are used to in our high school. So, may be you have already picked up in your second year. But, if not, I repeat the mantra again: "Attend classes attentively. Ask questions from your teacher, if not in class, then outside. If not from your teacher then from your peers. Try to understand stuff. And, complete all assigments and homeworks." If you do this, you will do well in your classes.

Hopefully, my answer was helpful. Please study. I would be thrilled if you can improve in your studies. Good luck. Keep me posted.

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