I have written 100+ answers on Quora but only 6 of my answers have more than 10 upvotes. Should I stop writing answers?

[A2A] I write my answers honestly and truthfully. I really don't care if people like them or not. (Honestly, I do, but only a little bit.) Otherwise, I would not write so many "controversial" things where I criticize popular culture both in India and America. I know what will make most of the people happy, but if I don't believe in it, I don't write it.

I am still working on improving myself. Whenever I write something, it is an open letter to myself, e.g., Brijesh Kumar's answer to How do top teachers teach? or Brijesh Kumar's answer to India: Why does the West fascinate Indians so much? Why do they consider the happenings of the US and Europe so cool? I want to become a better teacher, so the first answer was a roadmap for myself on how to become a good teacher. I am deeply attracted to the west, so the second answer was to see the "realities" of west. I don't say that I don't have feelings to impress others, but my eventual goal is to write every answer as an open letter to myself, to improve myself. If that is the goal, it doesn't really matter if someone likes it or not. If I was not on quora, I would not get to see those interesting questions, so I really like the fact that I get to introspect and answer so many interesting questions for myself.

I know that my writing is not that great and if I would remove "Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee" from my bio, I would not have so many followers or so many upvotes. But, life is unfair and I am at the "positive" receiving end of that unfair life.

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