If the smartest students in India go to IIT, where do the smartest students go in the USA?

Many of the answers here are idealizing the American society in which people do what they want to do. It is not necessarily true.

Do you think, people who go into investment banking really know what they are getting into? Or, people who become doctors do so because they like to treat others rather than make money and lots of it. Or, people who become lawyers do it for fighting crime. No.

The pressure of society is less in US but finally it is driven by money rather than interest as much as you would like to believe it is.

I like the fact that there is less societal pressure in US, but that is not because people are not jealous or do not compare with others. They definitely do. It is because the society is more impersonal compared to the Indian society. People don't really care for each other. We are also moving fast in that direction, unfortunately.

It is definitely better than India, but US is not a "personal choice heaven" that others might have you believe.

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