IIT assistant professor “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60

I have been hearing about the wonderful “packages” of some of the IIT students that are being placed in California in US. So, I thought I should give a perspective on how much an assistant professor’s “package” is worth.

IIT assistant professor’s “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60. If you have difficulty in reading the whole figure, I will simplify it for you, it is more than 16 crores, 25 lakhs. This only includes the salary and housing benefits. No other benefits like hospital facilities, sports, swimming pool, etc. have been included in this calculation.

Since in the calculation of the “packages” of these companies, there seems to be no limit on the time over which this money has been paid. Most of these packages include variable components and stock options, etc, that are paid over a term of five years. I thought why stop at 5 years. So, I have included the salary for 20 years, with an annual increase in salary of 15% (just an increase in dearness allowance, no pay commission increases) with no promotions. So, with the pay commission increases, the package will be even higher.

It is shameful that these companies include a variable component and stocks that they will pay over 5 years (whose value may go down or even zero by the time you get them) in their packages. It is just absurd. It is as absurd as the number that I have come up with the “package” for the assistant professors at IIT.

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10 thoughts on “IIT assistant professor “package” is Rs. 16,25,77,965.60

    • The factor for division would actually be around 101.44

      This yields a value of a bit more than 16 LPA

      The factor includes a GP of 19 terms with 1.15 being the value of both a and r

      Hope this helps
      Regards 🙂

  1. I would like to a bit of perspective to the above comment. Nidhi, the article was aimed at shining light on some of the facts about the ‘package’ drama that starts off at the very beginning of every academic year. It does not question the students’ drive to work where they love, but urges to bring some truth into the decisions taken by the elders, parents and the contingent students themselves before joining IITs or NITs based only on the packages. Hope my explanation seems legit.

    • Not required. But you should have a very good academic and research profile. I had professors at IT Kharagpur who did not do their B.Tech from IITs, but their research made them stand out.

  2. Ha ha

    Way to go Brijesh ji

    This is what the new age definition of a satirical post would be

    Great way of putting things in relative perspective

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