IIT Roorkee New Faculty Survival Guide

Welcome to IIT Roorkee. Congratulations on being selected as a faculty member at IITR. I joined electronics and communication engineering in April 2014. I went through the initial stages with some struggle, so, I am writing this guide to help new faculty. Hopefully you will find it useful.

How to decide the date of joining?
Once you have received an offer from IIT Roorkee, you have the flexibility of choosing when you wish to join here. In the first year, faculty are not entitled to “vacation leave”, the leave that you get during summer/winter vacation, so, even if you join during the summer vacations, you will not be entitled for a leave. So, please visit your homes before joining IITR, if you have been staying away from home for a long time.

Once you have decided the date of joining:
Inform your Head of Department (HOD) and Dean of Faculty Affairs (DOFA) about your date of joining via email along with a scanned copy of signed offer letter. You can request your HOD to book a room for your stay during the initial days.

Reaching Roorkee:
When I joined IITR, we were entitled to Rs. 100,000 as relocation allowance, so you can choose your conveyance accordingly. The flight I chose was not Air India, and I was still reimbursed. So, you can choose any airline. Please understand that this rule (or any other rule in India) may change at any time, so please confirm it with DOFA before you book your air ticket. Roorkee is 200 km from Delhi. You can either take a train or taxi to reach Roorkee. IIT Roorkee is on the Delhi-Haridwar highway about 30 km shy of Haridwar. Your HOD should have informed you about where the room was booked. Usually, it is booked in KIH (Khosla International House). You are entitled to stay in KIH for 3 months in a non-AC room at Rs. 2,500 per month, which will be reimbursed by DOFA. After the first 3 months, you are required to get permission from DOFA for an extension if you wish to stay in KIH any longer. If possible, please avoid eating in KIH. The food is pretty poor quality in KIH. There are many restaurants near Century Gate of IITR (about 1 km from KIH). If you are not too shy to eat in student hostels, the food quality there is much better than KIH. The current charges are Rs. 40 for lunch or dinner and Rs. 25 for breakfast. In my experience, Ravindra Bhawan has the best food of the three hostels that I have tried (Govind, Ravindra and Azad).

Joining report:
The first thing that you do on your first day of work is to meet your HOD and submit your joining report. Your HOD should be able to help you with that. It is a letter to DOFA stating that you have joined on that day and HOD office forwards it to him.

Medical exam:
Government of India requires that you be medically fit for your job before you can be officially employed. So, this is the first thing to be done before you can move forward with any other formalities. For, this you need to go to the establishment section ‘A’ in the main building (the beautiful white building that you see in all photos of IITR). You should receive a new faculty packet which contains a slew of forms that you will be filling over the course of next month or so. I did not receive this packet but some of my colleagues who joined after me did. (Some of them only received it after speaking strongly to people in the establishment section. You will have to get used to this way getting things done in India, unfortunately.) Anyway, if they don’t give the full packet to you, ask for a medical examination form for new faculty. Take that to the hospital in IITR. You should be able to get all tests done in the hospital itself (which will require 2-3 visits), except eye exam for which you will have to go outside IITR. You can take help of colleagues in your department to get this done. Eye exam should cost Rs. 250-300. After you are done with your medical, you need to submit it back to Estt. ‘A’.

Oath and Document Verification:
Every department has an assigned secretary in Estt. Section ‘A’. You will need to visit him to sign an oath where you pledge allegiance to Indian constitution. You should be able to get your documents verified at the same time. Please take one photocopy of all the required documents beginning from 10th grade to Ph.D. along with the originals.

PAN card:
Permanent account number (PAN) is the tax identification number for individuals in India. So, apply for it as soon as possible if you don’t have it already. It takes about a month to receive it. There is an online method of applying for it, but I don’t know how reliable it is. You can ask your relatives or colleagues on best way of applying for a PAN card. You will need it for receiving your salary.

Bank Account:
You will need a bank account to receive your salary. It can be from any bank in India. There are two banks in IIT Campus, State Bank of India (SBI) (You will find it all over India, even in small villages, but service can sometimes be found wanting) and Punjab National Bank (PNB) (Smaller public bank; don’t have personal experience, but expect to have better service than SBI). It is preferable to have a bank account in either of these so that you don’t have to go far to do your banking.

Employee number:
Once you oath is done, acceptance letter is issued by Establishment section, stating that you have been accepted by IIT Roorkee as an employee. Somehow, it takes 3-4 days for the letter to go to payroll section which is 50 ft from the establishment section. Once, it reaches payroll, they will assign you an “Employee Number”. You will also receive a salary form, where you need to provide your bank account and PAN details, so that you can start receiving your salary. Salaries are only deposited around 30th of the month and the cutoff of all the paperwork being done is around 20th of each month. So, if your paperwork is done after that date, you will receive your first salary only on the 30th of next month. Don’t worry, you will get salary for the previous month as well for which you were not paid.

Medical Booklet:
After this, you need to submit another form for getting a medical booklet needed to access hospital facilities in IITR. If possible, please use IITR hospital sparingly. Ask your colleagues about good doctors in Roorkee and visit them instead. I don’t have personal experience in this area as, thankfully, I have never needed to visit a doctor until now. There are some procedures in place to get reimbursed for medical bills from places outside IITR. I don’t know about them. You can enquire about it from establishment section or your colleagues.

ID Card:
You will need to go to “General Section” (no idea why it is called “General Section”, I guess they ran out of ideas to name it, so a generic “General”). It is close to establishment section. You will get another form and you need to fill it up, get it signed by HOD (which you have to do for practically every form) and submit it to General section along with two photographs. You will be called after about a week to sign on the “temporary” ID card and then you have to go again to collect it a few days later. Then, after about a month (or maybe later, as I still haven’t received it), you will receive the permanent “plastic” ID card.

If I have made a mistake or left something important out, please leave a comment below or email me at <first-name> [at] iitr.ac.in . Thanks for your help in improving this guide.

(to be continued)

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