I’m studying at an average Indian college. What should I as a computer science undergraduate do in the four years to become a competent computer scientist?

I think you will gain a lot if you respect your professors even if you think that they are not "intelligent" or "capable." Ask them questions, respectfully, and you can learn even more. Attend their classes with eagerness. You cannot even imagine how much one eager (and respectful at the same time) student can enhance the quality of teaching.

And, do not worry about job. If you know your subject, jobs will come to you. Focus on understanding rather than memorization, even if you get good marks just by memorization. If you understand and get marks, those marks will have value because you will be able to use those concepts later in your life. But, if you memorize and get marks, they are useless because as soon as the exam is finished, your memory of those "concepts" is also gone.

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