Is denying health insurance on the basis of a preexisting condition against human rights?

Many things in American medical system seems against human rights, especially the cost of medical care. It is one of the most profitable industries in US. They overcharge for everything, especially to people who don't have insurance.

Moreover, health insurance companies are there to make money. A preexisting condition causes them to make less money. So they would deny people with preexisting conditions prior to Obamacare. The only beneficiary of such a denial would be the insurance company who would not get a customer who would cause them to make less profits. The poor person would have no choice but to pay exorbitant charges by the doctors and clinics and in the process become bankrupt. Obviously, denying health care to such a person is against human rights.

I thought that doctors were supposed to take an oath of helping anyone in need. It was supposed to be a "noble" profession. It does not feel like that either in US or in India, where I live now. The primary motivation is to make money, not service to people. The healing of people is a by-product.

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