Is introversion less tolerable in India than in other countries?

Samidha Paroha gave an interesting perspective about personal space. Let me give another perspective based on my experience in US and India.

I think it is easier to be an introvert in India than in US, especially in professional life. In America, people are usually more outspoken than in India and usually, such people get noticed more and are promoted more than people who are introverted. I don't think that this happens as much in India as people are usually more reserved in voicing their opinions, especially in big meetings, so even an introvert can "get away" with speaking less.

Being a "geek" or a "loner" is not looked down upon in India as much as it is in US. Sometimes, it might even be appreciated by the parents and envied by the neighbors, that you are always studying and not roaming around like other children.

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