Is it necessary that an IITian will always be happier and above the other non-IITians?

Actually, studying in IIT can be a great source of trouble if you don't know how to handle it and can cause you great unhappiness.
A few examples:

  1. Everybody has much higher expectations from you and they expect that you make more money than any of the non-IIT people that they know. There are always people who earn more than you even if they never went to IIT.
  2. You have much higher expectations from yourself. You compare with other friends who are getting offers of 100K USD.
  3. If you wish to lead a simple life and not compete with the rest of the world, people will think that there is something wrong with you and such questions will be asked: Why did Brijesh Kumar join IIT Roorkee as an assistant professor in ECE department although he has a great resume?
  4. It is easier to get first rank, it is much harder to maintain it. You get the first rank at age 18, now you have to maintain that rank for ~60 years.

I am not complaining that I went to IIT. I had a great time and having a great time at IITR, but happiness has nothing to do with IIT or not being in IIT. Happiness is in when you do something that interests you and you are capable of doing.

PS: I am kidding about the question about me. I hope no one had hidden intentions when they asked that question.

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