Is it right for new organizations to censor the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, and to generally avoid depicting the Prophet Muhammad?

If there is a picture that makes fun of Jesus Christ. Would an average Christian be offended by seeing it?

If  let us say a fanatic Christian goes and kills the artist. Would the  picture of Jesus Christ still offend the average Christian?

The average christian taking offense does not show solidarity to fanatic. It is  one's personal belief, which has nothing to do with the actions of  others.

If you are atheist, replace the christian with yourself and the image with an offensive image of your father. Would you be offended? It does not justify you killing someone, but you will be offended for sure.

People are being stupid in propagating these images as an  expression of freedom. It is offensive to others. Life's ultimate  principle is not "Freedom of speech" it is about love and acceptance.  All these actions are doing are creating more and more hatred. These images will be used as propaganda to recruit more Muslims into  terrorism. You cannot remove terrorism from this world by doing stupid stuff like this which offends not only the terrorists, but almost everybody following Islam. This is just plain stupid.

So, the decision by BBC, CNN and other major networks not to show these cartoons is very sensible and that is the way it should be.

If freedom of speech is that important to you, try telling your wife that she is fat. Life is about making sensible choices.

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