Is the USA interested in democracy in Russia? Why?

US is interested in democracy/autocracy/communism/(fill in the blank)/military rule as long as it is beneficial to them. As soon as it is not in their interest, suddenly, they don't like it. Examples:

  1. Egypt democracy was not good because it was ruled by the "Muslim Brotherhood."
  2. Iran was very good under Shah family (autocracy) because he was aligned with American interests.
  3. Saudi Arabia (an autocracy) has good relations with US because of US oil interests.
  4. China (communist) has "good" relations with US because US needs the manufactured goods of China.
  5. Pakistan (military ruled) during Parvez Musharraf's time had good relationship with US.

The humanitarian reasons for intervention by US are just a facade. The real reason is the military-industrial complex driving the policies.

So, is US interested in a democracy in Russia? Yes, only as long as it makes Russia weak, because that is in US' interest.

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