Is there an element of truth in anecdotal evidences of cure for alternative forms of medicine like Ayurveda and homeopathy?

Modern education is creating a bunch of Intellectual Idiots, who have no capacity to think for themselves. They think that if something is not proven in the setting of clinical trial, it is useless. They have no intelligence to understand it on their own that if something works for my parents and people I know why should I care about a clinical trial. If something works for me, why should I care about a clinical trial. If something works for me repeatedly, why should I care about a clinical trial? Isn’t this what science is based on? Going by the evidence. People who ignore reality when faced with overwhelming repeatability of results upon performing the experiments, are termed as Intellectual Idiots. They think that they are very intelligent but they are just followers who follow because other people say the same thing.

I used to work in the semiconductor industry where a lot of statistics are used to prove the validity of our hypothesis. An expert statistician could prove that a particular change in a process was very helpful. He could also prove that the change was useless or even harmful with the same set of data. So, I would much rather trust a treatment which works for me, rather than a clinical trial. Even a perfect clinical trial does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. So, what is the use of the trial for you? It may not work for you. But, if you get cold and you take an ayurvedic medicine and it cures you every time. If you are an intelligent person, should you care about a clinical trial? In my opinion, no. But, many intellectual idiots will say that a treatment is useless if there has been no clinical trial. Sure, good for you.

I agree that there are not many qualified people practicing ayurveda or other natural treatments. So, it is not easy to get good treatment using these methods. But, I still prefer using these treatments based on the following logic: : “Loss minimization.”

Modern medicine contains very strong chemicals, which almost always destroy your digestive system as long as you are taking them. Doctors prescribe medicines to improve digestion along with the medicines for the disease. So, one problem is replaced by another. My grandmother takes medicines for blood pressure. She always talks about gas in her stomach. My mother, whenever she takes modern medicine complains of burning in the stomach and she feels dizzy. They are not lying. They have no incentive to. They don’t care about modern medicine or Ayurveda or whatever. They just want to be cured. But, if something is causing more problems than it is solving, they don’t want to take those medicines. And, I agree with them.

Our body has a very well designed immune system. There would be nothing so precise in this world. As soon as a foreign object enters the body, the antibodies get to work and attack that foreign object, very precisely. Vaccination works on this principle. Introduce diseases in the weak form and the body creates antibodies which are ready to attack whenever the real disease attacks the body. So, it is great and is very effective. But, I find antibiotics to not be a good method of curing a disease. They weaken the immune system if they are given as a first line of defense (which they are in most cases) because immune system does not get enough “exercise”. Immune system needs exercise, just like any other body part to be in a functional condition. So, if as soon as you get an infection, you take an antibiotic, what happens? The infecting organisms are killed, but the immune system did not have to do anything, which makes it weak and lazy. Next time, you are infected, the immune system says, “Where are the antibiotics?” and it does not work as well as it should. Every time one takes antibiotics, one is making the immune system progressively weaker. That is why children who live in conditions where there are no germs have very weak immune systems and get sick very easily. It is good for the child to come in contact with germs, because it gives “exercise” to the immune system and makes it stronger. It is natural vaccination.

Moreover, using antibiotics (as a first line of defense) is like using a truck to kill a mosquito. The truck will (or may not) kill a mosquito, but it will definitely kill other things in its path, such as your dog, cow, relatives, etc. Similarly, antibiotics are not very specific. They not only kill the bacteria that is causing the disease, but they also kill the good bacteria, which are necessary for proper functioning of the body. So, did it cure the disease. Sure. Was it worth it? Not necessarily. It is better to let the body fight the disease and help it in producing antibodies which will specifically target the disease causing bacteria. Ayurveda is based on this principle. It helps the body fight the disease. It provides better conditions for the body to be able to fight the disease. I find this to be more scientific than the head on truck killing everything in its path. That makes your body weaker. Ayurveda makes your body stronger to fight diseases in the future on its own. It makes you self reliant. So, it is no wonder that modern medical doctors decry it, because their business will be closed when people are healthier and don’t need them anymore.

Now coming to my original statement: “Loss minimization” . Even if I accept that homeopathy and ayurveda are not curing me and they are just placebo. I am fine with that because the potential for harm in modern medicine is much greater. The strength of character of everyone in this world is going down. Everyone is after money. But, the most unfortunate part is that doctors and teachers are also after money. Doctors and teachers affect everybody. So, when they are after money, it is really unfortunate for the whole society. If they are after money, they will do things that will make them more money rather than things that are good for you (the patient or the student). I am not saying that ayurvedic or homeopathic doctors are not after money. But, the medicines and procedures that they perform on people have less potential to cause damage. There are not many ayurvedic or homepathic surgeons in the world. There may be, but I have not heard of any.

For many big diseases, there might be no option for me, but to go to a modern medical doctor. But, for routine problems, like common cold and slight fever, taking modern medicines (which almost always involve antibiotics) is a sure shot way of becoming sick with increasing frequency in the future.

Even the most well intentioned things get destroyed by greed as modern medicine is today and the scope of destruction is huge. I will give you an example of the damage that modern medicine is doing to people. Opioids were previously only assigned as pain-killers to people who were suffering with terminal illness because of strong tendency to cause addiction. But, the pharma companies were not making enough money because there are not enough terminally ill people. So, they started incentivizing the doctors to prescribe opioids (like Vicodin, Oxycodone) to people with no terminal illness. Now, doctors prescribe them freely to people and there is epidemic of pain-killer addiction in America. When doctors can be easily sold to pharma companies to prescribe such harmful medication to people, how sad should you feel? The people who should be helping people are causing great damage to the society.

Now, does any pharma company have any incentive to cure you? What will make them happy? You should be dependent on them for the rest of your life. Diabetes, no problem. Please take this pill for the rest of your life. Hypothyroidism, no problem. Please take this pill for the rest of you life. If this doesn’t work, we will increase the dose. Is this cure? No, this is dependency. This is no cure. Most chronic diseases have no cures in modern medicine. There is not even an attempt at cure. Where is the profit in that? There is profit in dependency.

Before taking any food, you should ask for a clinical trial on food. We consume more food than any medicine. But, do we ask for clinical trial for food. Why not? We just eat the food because our parents and other people are eating food and getting nourished. We can see evidence with our own eyes that we are feeling energetic after eating the food. If you think that before taking any medicine, there should be a clinical trial (no matter how the p-value was manipulated to show its efficacy), you should also insist on a clinical trial for food, every food that you consume. You should ask for clinical trial on water. No p-value studies have been done to show its efficacy. May be water is harmful. We don’t know. No clinical studies have been done. May be they have, but I don’t know. So, how can I drink water?

Definition of an Intellectual Idiot: He sees things are working for him and those around him. But, he wants to see a p-value showing the efficacy of a drug. He has no idea how the p-value was arrived. He has no idea how many side-effects were hidden. He has no idea how much money was exchanged to “approve” a drug as “safe.” He can see that a particular drug is causing problems to him. But, he only trusts a p-value. He doesn’t trust his own observation. Because he has no intelligence. He thinks that he is very intelligent, but, in reality, he is an idiot. That is the definition of an intellectual idiot: “He can’t see things that are right in front of him.”

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