Should I tell my son he will never amount to anything, so that he wants to prove me wrong?

So, you mean the remaining 7 billion people don't amount to anything if they are not Einstein or Disney or Ellison. This is the problem with the society today. All our "success" is measured by how much money and fame we have, not by how much "happiness" we have and share it with others. If money and fame were to give satisfaction, Bill Gates would not try to do philanthropic work. He is doing it because all the "success" did not give him happiness.

Everyone has a role to play in this world. Life is not a competition. Unfortunately, Darwinian philosophy makes it appear like that. "Survival of the fittest." Everyone can live happily in this world. In the paradigm posed by your question only a few people like Ellison can be happy or "successful." But, in reality, if we stop being greedy and realize the true value of people, everyone is already amounting to something. Many mothers who are housewives are contributing a lot by raising the next generation by sacrificing their own desires. In my opinion, their contribution is much more than Ellisons or Edisons. The world could make do without Einsteins or Disneys, but the world could not do without such loving mothers.

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