To which universities did Prof. Brijesh Kumar applied for a faculty position and how was his interview experience?

[A2A] I applied unofficially (i.e. emailing my resume to HODs and expressing my interest) to most of the newer IITs in north India and IIT Roorkee. I was called by IITR to give a talk. I gave a talk and was asked a few questions by the faculty members in the department. The talk went well, but I could not answer a few questions. But, overall impression I got from my now colleagues was a positive one. I was to hear from IITR within a few days, but I did not receive a response for more than 15 days. After 20 days, I heard from IITR that I was shortlisted and my interview was going to be in the end of January 2013 and I could attend my interview via Skype if I had to leave for US. So, I packed up my bags for US for one last time, because I was already on a long leave from my company and did not want to be fired.

So, I went back with all the intentions of working in the company until I got a formal offer from IITR. But, the day I entered my office, I did not want to stay in my company anymore as my heart was no longer in working there. So, I told my boss on that very day that I wanted to quit. He asked me what the reason was. I told him that they were paying me too little for the sacrifice that I was making by staying away from my family. He asked me what I wanted. I told a number $15,000 greater than my then yearly salary. He said that he will talk to his boss and get back to me. I was already regretting telling him that low number, because I really didn't want to stay. What if they accepted my offer? Then, I would have to stay. No, what did I do? I should have told an outrageous number so that they would never accept. But, thankfully, the disaster was avoided. I was told by my boss that they did not think my service to the company was as valuable as $15,000 more than my salary (politely, of course). So, they accepted my resignation and the next day would be my last day. I said goodbye to everybody. I told one of my colleagues that I am quitting and I am not that upset. He said, "I can tell." as my face was brimming with happiness as I was telling this.

My interview was scheduled about two weeks after I quit my job. It was supposed to be at 2.00 pm Indian time, which meant is was at 2.30 in the morning for me. I was ready with the skype at 2.30 am in my suit and tie, waiting for the interview. And, like all things in India, it started 2 hours late. As soon as I logged on to skype, I saw the two interviewers (both of them were my teachers from my undergraduate college) and the IITR director. I was really scared to see one of my teachers because I had asked a lot of questions from him when I took his class. What could I do? Now, its payback time. Then, the director asked me to introduce myself. After that he invited the interviewers to ask questions. The first sentence my teacher said, "Nice to see you, Brijesh. Today, I have the pleasure of asking you questions." This made me even more scared. But, he was just joking and he asked me very reasonable questions, although I didn't answer them as well as I would have liked. After a few minutes, the director said, "Thank you. We are done." I was surprised, because I expected the interview to last longer, but he said, "No, your torture is done and you can rest easy now."

5 days after the interview, I left America for good. I got my offer about 20 days after coming back to India and I joined IITR about 2 months after that as I wanted to have a long vacation.

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