What do conservatives think the reason for blacks being, on average, at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder is? Is it 100% black peoples’ own fault?

Most of the answers here are comparing Asians to Blacks to show that it is their fault. You cannot compare the situation of Asians to blacks because of the following reasons:

  1. The length of oppression of Asians is much smaller than blacks. It is very hard to come out of cycle of poverty once you are in it. Ever tried giving up a bad habit?
  2. Most of the Asians have immigrated into US voluntarily whereas most of the black population has immigrated to US unwillingly.
  3. The current migration from Asia consists of people who are well to do and come for higher education, whereas the current influx of black population usually come as refugees from war-torn countries in Africa. So, this skews the scales even further towards the Asians.
  4. Education of parents. Asians usually have advantage here again because their parents were educated when most of them came to US. Same cannot be said about the blacks.

We cannot absolve ourselves of the responsibility by comparing blacks to Asians or giving example of one Oprah. Here is an interesting answer by someone to a question I asked:
Why is Oprah so revered? I think she is as selfish as most other people.

Edit based on a comment that Asian Americans have also been here for generations (I did not know about this fact until Eric Lauritzen pointed it out in the comment):

Even if Asian Americans have been here for generations, the population of such Asians is quite small, compared to the first or second generation ones. That makes the biggest difference between Asians and Blacks. The percentage of Asians today is ~5% whereas it was ~0.5% in the 1960s. Certainly it is not be reproduction but rather through immigration that there population has increased 10 fold in 50 years. Whereas the percentage of blacks has hovered around ~12% in the last 100 years. So, comparing the condition of Asians who have immigrated to blacks who have lived here for 100s of years is not fair. Source: Historical racial and ethnic demographics of the United States

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