What does IITR professor Mr. Brijesh Kumar think about introvert nature of few students? How can they be more frank while interacting with anyone else?

There is nothing wrong with being introvert. Some people are just born that way. But, if one is being introvert just because he feels the fear of embarrassment of speaking something stupid, it might cause problems.

I was very "introverted" in my childhood. I went to an extempore competition when I was in 7th grade. I could not speak anything but giggled for the allotted 2 minutes. I was so scared of speaking anything. It was not really my nature to be an introvert but I put on a show because I was scared to make a fool of myself.

Once I let go of that fear, I was able to be my real self. So, my advice is to not be scared of being a fool in front of others. I make a fool of myself everyday in class, but it does not scare me anymore because I have become comfortable with who I am. Everybody makes mistakes, even IIT professors. That is what makes us human.

So, if one is introvert just because that is his nature there is no need to change. But, if one is an introvert because he is scared, one can let go and let his true nature come out.

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